How to Moisturize Your Back: 6 Back Care Tips to Use Right Now

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Your back is the most difficult part of your body to moisturize. Therefore, it tends to be the driest. When the skin on your back is dry, it itches, flakes, cracks, and becomes unhealthy looking.

Moisturizing the back is an art; not everyone does it right. But the perfect application doesn’t just happen, it all comes down to using the right technique.

When applying moisturizer to your back, you can do it the old-fashioned way by pouring it into your hand and rubbing it across your skin. However, this method is time-consuming and leaves parts of your back untouched.

This guide will show you how to moisturize your back properly using techniques that have been tested and trusted by various individuals. Keep reading to find out.

1. Use a Lotion Applicator

A lotion applicator is a device used to apply lotions, creams, and gels on your skin. They come in different shapes with dense foams at the end of the stick. These foams help to spread and smooth out the moisturizer on your skin without absorbing it.

The only drawback is that they are not cost-effective because you will need to use more moisturizer than you would if you use your hands.

Steps to using a lotion applicator:

  • Squeeze the desired amount of lotion onto the foam applicator head.
  • Use your hands to grip the bottom of the applicator and lift it above your shoulder.
  • Gently rub the head of the lotion applicator across your back until you’ve covered the entire area.
  • Remove the applicator head from the stick and wash off any leftover moisturizer.

2. Use Your Forearms

Rather than using your hands to apply moisturizer to your back, get flexible by using your forearms. It’s easy and doesn’t require much effort or a special tool, all you need is your forearm.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Apply a thin line of your moisturizer on your forearm (from your elbow to your knuckle).
  • Use the weight of your forearm to apply pressure to your back and rub gently against your back.
  • Move your forearm back and forth against your back, making sure to spread the lotion evenly as you go.
  • If using both forearms at once seems difficult, try using one or alternate between both arms.

3. Try a Spatula

The best kitchen utensils are the ones you never think about. They just always seem to be there when you need them, and they often get overlooked because of it.

If you’re wondering what a spatula is, it is a rubber or plastic kitchen utensil that is used to stir mixtures or scrape food from bowls or pans. You can also use it to apply moisturizer to your back.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Make sure you have your favorite lotion and a spatula handy.
  • Get into bed or another comfortable position so that you can easily reach your back.
  • Squirt a few drops of lotion onto a spatula head and reach over your shoulder.
  • Spread the lotion onto your body with the spatula, starting at the neck and working down toward the tailbone, ensuring that all areas are covered.
  • Remember to use gentle strokes, especially if you have sensitive skin to avoid damaging your skin.

4. Use Plastic Wrap

The plastic wrap technique is a simple yet effective way to get moisturizer on any hard-to-reach area of your body such as your back.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Get a piece of flexible plastic wrap that is long enough to cover the length of your back.
  • Place it on a table, or countertop, with one end facing towards you.
  • Now, pour some lotion in your hand across the center of the plastic wrap.
  • Carefully pick up the plastic wrap and place it on your back.
  • Start rubbing it in an upward motion from the end of your back until you reach the top of your shoulder blades.
  • Add more lotion if required and repeat this method until you have applied the entire content to your body.

5. Get Creative with a Paint Roller

This might be a little weird, but trust me, it gets the job done. A little investment in a paint roller is another way to quickly and effectively moisturize your back.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Squeeze a small amount of moisturizer across the length of your paint roller.
  • Starting at your lower back, use the paint roller to create a criss-cross pattern on your back.
  • Roll the paint roller across your back until you’ve fully covered the area.
  • If necessary, apply another strip of moisturizer and repeat steps 1 and 2.

6. Use a Tube Sock

Tube socks are an essential item in every wardrobe. Even if you don’t own a lot of them, chances are that you have at least one pair of socks that you wear daily.

These particular socks are always the ones that get worn out first. So what do you do with these old socks? Throw them away? No, you can use tube socks for other things than just keeping your feet warm and cozy. They’re great for applying moisturizer to your back.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut the toe off of a sock with pinking shears so that you have a cuff to pull up over your hand.
  • Squeeze some lotion down the length of your sock, and check to ensure it’s well-lubricated before beginning.
  • Grip the sock with both hands and pull it over your shoulders.
  • Rub the sock all over your back until it feels moisturized.


When is the best time to moisturize your back?

Immediately after showering. Applying a moisturizer immediately after showering will help to seal in the moisture you get from showering.

Furthermore, showering helps your pores to open up and release any dead cells or dirt that’s built up on your skin. This makes it easier for your skin to absorb the moisturizer, hence making the moisturizer work more effectively.

Do you need to moisturize your back?

Yes, you do. Moisturizing your back is just as important as moisturizing the rest of your body. Failing to moisturize your back will cause it to get dry, leading to eczema or other dry skin conditions.

Neglecting your back when moisturizing can also cause it to lose elasticity, which can lead to signs of aging dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on the back.

Can moisturizing stop itching?

Yes, it can. Moisturizing your skin helps to soothe itchiness caused by dryness, while also protecting your skin from further dehydration.

Moisturizers help to hydrate the epidermis by absorbing moisture from the air. They also form a protective barrier on the skin to seal in moisture and keep harmful microorganisms from penetrating it.


Moisturizing is an important part of everyday skincare. However, moisturizing your face is not enough to keep your skin looking youthful. You also have to moisturize the often overlooked parts of your body, which include your back.

It may seem like a tough task, but it must be done. You can try using household tools like a spatula or plastic wrap, or you can invest in a lotion applicator to get the job done. These tools make moisturizing your back easy and more fun.

Plus, they get the job done without you having to ask a friend for help. I hope you’ve found this guide to be a helpful read and that it has made a difference in your daily skincare routine.

Thanks for reading.

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