How to Use Scalp Serum to Stimulate Hair Growth

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It’s quite a popular habit to neglect the scalp when it’s time for your hair care routine. However, the scalp is skin too, and needs to be given the same care and attention as the rest of your body. The magic to treating your scalp is a scalp serum.

A scalp serum is a liquid formula that helps to nourish the skin on your scalp, as well as rid your scalp of hair care product buildup, to stimulate hair growth. Scalp serums contain a mixture of active ingredients that work to get rid of impurities clogging your scalp.

When It comes to treating and nourishing your scalp, using a scalp serum is your best bet. However, a good knowledge of how to use it will do you some good. Correct usage of a scalp serum will help to improve the efficiency of the product. 

Ahead is a guide on how to use a scalp serum, as well as other useful information concerning what it does and why you need one in your hair care routine. 

How to Use Scalp Serum 

It is important to know how to use a scalp serum to stimulate the effects you desire. Using it incorrectly can lessen the effectiveness of the product. Below is a guide to help you use it effectively to treat hair concerns.

Wash your hair

Before applying it to your scalp, you need to wash your hair to get rid of all the dirt build-up that’s lingering on your hair. The scalp and hair tend to get dirty due to the build-up of hair care products on the scalp.

Wash your hair using a gentle shampoo to remove the dirt clogging your scalp. After washing your hair, condition your hair with a hair conditioner to restore moisture in your hair. Wait for 5 minutes before washing it off. 

However, if you use a leave-in conditioner, you can move on to the next step without rinsing it out.

Divide your hair into parts

After washing and conditioning your hair, divide your hair into ten or more parts as this will allow you to apply the serum to your hair easily. The aim of using it is to target your scalp to nourish and treat your scalp concerns. 

Dividing your hair into sections will help to give room for you to easily apply the serum to your scalp.

Massage the serum into your scalp

After separating your hair into parts, you can proceed to apply your serum to it. For this, you can use your dropper or your fingers to apply the serum on the lines dividing the hair. 

You can now go ahead to massage the serum into your scalp simply by using your hand to spread it into your hair. You can also make use of an applicator to ensure the even distribution of the serum all over your scalp. 

Move your fingers forward and backward while massaging the serum into your scalp in a circular motion for two or three minutes. 

Do not rinse it off

Avoid making the common mistake of washing off the serum from your hair. It is meant to be a leave-in treatment. Leave it on your hair and allow it to work on your scalp throughout the day or overnight. 

Scalp serum absorbs fast, and it is lightweight, therefore it won’t leave any build-up on your scalp. After applying the serum to your hair, you are good to go. You can now style your hair to suit your taste 

Does Scalp Serum Work?

Yes, it does. Scalp serum does work to sort your scalp concerns such as a flaky scalp, dryness, itchiness on your scalp, and so on. That is not all it does, scalp serums often contain ingredients such as vitamins that work to nourish the hair with necessary nutrients. 

Using it will help to stimulate hair growth, strengthen the hair barrier and also protect the hair from environmental damage. 

Who Should or Shouldn’t Use Scalp Serum?

All hair types can benefit from the several benefits of using a scalp serum. If your hair seems frizzy and dry, you need it to moisturize your scalp. This affects your hair positively by creating a healthy root for hair growth to provide more hydrated hair strands. 

Likewise, if you are experiencing hair loss, you can use a scalp serum to stimulate and maintain healthy hair growth. If you are dealing with a dry, flaky, or itchy scalp, you should consider using a scalp serum. Scalp serums are formulated to combat and sort all your scalp concerns.

However, you may not need to use a scalp serum if you already have a routine that works to help you actualize your hair goals. 

When Should You Use Scalp Serum?

The best time to use your serum is in your everyday morning hair care routine. After washing your hair and conditioning it, as usual, apply your serum to your hair as instructed earlier. 

Using your scalp serum in the morning before going out will help to protect your hair from environmental damage such as damage from the sun’s heat, dust, and so on.

How Often Should You Use Scalp Serum?

You can use your scalp serum as often every day. If you have major persistent hair concerns, you might have to use your serum consistently for a couple of weeks to achieve significant results.

If you are just looking to nourish your scalp to stimulate hair growth, you should use your serum only two to three times weekly between washes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you apply scalp serum on dry or wet hair?

You can apply your scalp serum on either dry or wet hair. 

After washing your hair and conditioning it, you can either choose to dry it completely or use your scalp serum on damp hair. This depends on how your serum works for your hair.

What does scalp serum do?

Scalp serum helps to hydrate the scalp to restore moisture to the hair and prevent further dryness. Not only that, but it also helps to protect the hair against damage from environmental aggressors. 

Using scalp serum will help you achieve healthy smooth, clean hair.

Can you apply scalp serum daily?

Yes, you can. You can apply your scalp serum to your hair every day after washing it.

The fastest way for you to achieve your desired result with the use of this serum is by using it consistently. Therefore, if you have persistent scalp issues, you should consider using your serum daily to treat them.


The scalp is easily forgotten in a haircare routine until it comes up with issues like dandruff, flakiness, and hair loss. The scalp is also covered in skin and needs all the attention it can get. A healthy scalp brings forth smooth, clean, and thick hair.

Many women experience hair loss, flaking, redness, and itchy and sensitive scalp, as a result of menopause. Using scalp serum will help to reduce these side effects of menopause by nourishing the hair with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Using your serum correctly will help to treat your scalp as well as stimulate hair growth. 

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