Best Eyebrow Growth Serum According to Beauty Experts

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You would wonder if it actually works, but hearing people talk about it makes the curiosity even grow further. Yes, eyebrow growth serum is a thing. Does it work? It does. But not as fast as you would like.

This is why eyebrow growth serums aren’t on people’s radars. However, it has found a way into yours. Most likely you are looking to find a solution to your special eyebrow loss.

Joshua Zeichner, M.D., dermatologist, and director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, says many factors contribute to eyebrows not fully developing. However, he cites trauma from plucking and genetics as major factors.

Therefore, if you want to grow your eyebrows naturally, you might be in for a really long ride. This is why I have put together a list of the best-recommended eyebrow growth serum to help you get that lush brow hair you want.

The list is compiled based on sales data metrics on e-commerce platforms, so they are the best in the market.

1. Best Overall Eyebrow Growth Serum

Grande Cosmetics GrandBROW Brow Enhancing Serum

This is a go-to choice for those who want to feel hydrated with a solid matte finish too. The serum contains glycerin to improve your parched skin’s hydration. The serum is touted as a revolutionary formula that enhances eyebrow hair growth.

You will, however, have to wait 6-8 weeks before seeing a lush difference, and wait until the 4 months to see advanced improvement on your brow hair. This makes it perfect for thinning hair caused by a hard pull to over-plucking.

It’s the serum you would recommend to a friend to try for a healthier brow change. Use this serum to effectively change your thin brows to thick and fuller eyebrow curls.

2. Best Fast-Acting Eyebrow Growth Serum

Skin Research Laboratories NeuBrow Brow Enhancing Serum

This is a quick dual-weight protein complex formula to restore the appearance of your brows.

The serum provides a gentle finish to hydrate and bold your brow hairs. It also provides well-defined conditioned brows if you use it morning and evening as directed.

3. Best Eyebrow Growth Serum for Dry Skin

Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil Serum

This serum is recommended by experts because it has an organic formula that does not harm the skin. Rather, the serum promotes growth with its highly nutritious components like castor oil.

The serum is also a standout when it comes to moisturizing and leaving the skin soft and smooth. Furthermore, it leaves no greasy aftereffects and reduces acne or pimples in the eyebrow area. It also moisturizes and feathers your brows, leaving them lush and full.

4. Best Eyebrow Growth Serum for Sensitive Skin

EssyNaturals Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum

The serum has a shooting and irritating formula suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The serum contains essential non-irritating ingredients that not only protect the skin but also nourish it.

Furthermore, the serum is gentle on frail hair, priming it carefully to improve hair thickness. Use the serum daily to get a fast result in less than 6 weeks of use.

5. Best Eyebrow Growth Serum for Oily Skin

Forchics ForBrow Eyebrow Growth Serum for Thicker Brows

This rejuvenates your skin and sets it off in growing thick and fuller eyebrows. The serum comprises vegan components which help to naturally nourish your skin.

Additionally, the serum has antioxidants to stimulate growth in the brow area. It is recommended because it does not contain artificial boosting hormones that are harmful, nor does it contain sulfates, parabens, and gluten.

The serum also contains hydrating and fast-acting components that enhance your eyebrows when applied.

6. Best Drugstore Eyebrow Growth Serum

Terez & Honor Eyebrow growth Serum

The serum comes with a naturally made formula to boost and strengthen your eyebrow. The serum works fast with a highly concentrated formula containing nourishing components to enhance growth.

In addition, the serum is cruelty-free and fit for all skin types. It is also non-irritating and safe for the skin. You can improve the brow area drastically if you need a brow boost. And in about a month after using it daily, your thinning hair starts to gain its fullness.

7. Best Budget Eyebrow Growth Serum

Live Fraiche USDA Organic Castor Oil

This serum for eyelashes and eyebrows is a choice for those on a budget. The serum helps to improve the overall health of your brows, keeping them constantly boosted with nutrients and vitamins.

It also ensures the natural conditioning of your eyebrows, which promotes hair growth. You can use the serum to improve your sparse eyebrows without having to worry about drying up your skin or losing moisture.

8. Best Eyebrow Growth Serum on Amazon

RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaBroe Eyebrow Conditioner Serum

The serum is an enhancing serum that treats the signs of eyebrow aging due to environmental and chemical stressors. The serum also helps those who overpluck their eyebrow hairs.

In addition, it protects against hair breakage, thereby giving you lush and feathered. Furthermore, the serum is flexible and improves the natural shine of your hair. You can use the serum if you want to keep your brow hydrated and growing.

9. Best Recommended Eyebrow Growth Serum

RapidBrow Eyebrow Serum

The serum comes highly recommended by experts and has good word of mouth. The serum’s formula creates a natural boost in the appearance of your lashes and brows. Furthermore, it is easy to use and does not leave residue or grease on the skin.

Both men and women can use the serum to improve their eyebrow hair. Moreover, it is fragrance- and paraben-free. Your skin would stay naturally healthy with this serum.

10. Best Conditioning Eyebrow Growth Serum

Organys Lash & Brow Booster

This is the right choice for those who have overplucked eyebrows. The serum conditions your hair and helps to restore its shine and thickness.

Furthermore, the serum is a double-duty punch that boosts and revives the hair around your hair to a newer and fuller wave. With the green tea component, your brow hair is protected and safe from external or environmental stressors.

It also contains pro-keratin peptides that serve as a building block for new hair. You can use the serum to boost all skin types; it is non-irritant.

11. Best Eyebrow Growth Serum for Thicker Brows

LxH Eyebrow Growth Serum

If you need full luscious brow hair use this serum. The serum boosts and redefines your eyebrows, conditioning and hydrating them to improve their shine.

The formula is an advanced solution with peptides to improve hair growth. Furthermore, the serum boosts your eyelash strength, holding hair firmly in its root.

If you want a deeply nourishing formula that grows your brow seamlessly, apply this serum to your sparse and thin eyebrows.

What Are Eyebrow Growth Serums?

Eyebrow growth serums are targeted treatments used in promoting natural hair growth along the brow line. The growth serum improves sparse or thin hair, giving them the healthy glow they need. The serum contains ingredients known to improve and promote hair growth.

Eyebrow growth hair is usually overlooked due to the preconception that they are ineffective and a hoax to make beauty enthusiast buy something. But this has been proven false.

Although there is no scientific evidence backing up an eyebrow growth serum, the serum does improve the thickness of your eyebrow hair, filling patches with new hair.

Furthermore, eyebrow hair under the growth serum does not grow as fast as desired, but they are a significant change in the long run.

How to Pick Your Eyebrow Growth Serums

When it comes to picking the right eyebrow growth serum, several factors come into play. The first thing is your skin type.

This is essential. The serum is not only for your brow hair, it is also for your skin pores. The serum seeps into your skin shaft. Your skin type acts as a compass as to what to look for.

Furthermore, you have to pick serums that have nourishing ingredients that work. Biotin, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, keratin (protein), amino acids, and peptides are examples of ingredients that help you grow your eyebrow hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eyebrow growth serums work?

Yes, they do. Eyebrow growth serums do work, however, not as fast as you think. You will have to be patient in growing back your eyebrow hair.

For instance, you won’t start seeing visible results until about 4 weeks after using the serum.

How should you apply eyebrow growth serum?

Apply your growth serum by dropping one or two drops with your applicator at the wider edge of your eyebrow. Then pat the serum into all areas of your eyebrow.

You can also focus on the sparse areas of your eyebrows. Gently pat the areas with the serum until it is fully absorbed into the brow hair.

How often should you use eyebrow growth serum?

Twice a day. Use your eyebrow serum twice a day to effectively see results in a short time.

Are there side effects to using growth serum?

Yes, there are. There are no adverse side effects in using eyebrow growth serums. Nonetheless, some serums could irritate sensitive skin types.

The side effects include redness, itchiness, discoloration, and breakouts. However, these side effects are not life-threatening and would stop when the serum is discontinued.

Can you use eyelash serum on your eyebrows?

Yes, you can. If the eyelash doubles as an eyebrow growth serum, use it to improve your brows’ thickness.

However, if it is not expressively stated, avoid using your eyelash serum on your brows.


Eyebrow growth serums are one of a kind. People often wonder about its effectiveness and if it works. Well, they do. And serums like RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner improve your brow hair’s thickness.

RapidBrow Eyebrow Serum also comes highly recommended as an effective serum that redefines your brows. And Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum provides all-around eyebrow growth and care.

To also effectively use your serum, you have to use it based on your skin type and also watch out for formulas. Avoid formulas that stick (mostly wax) to your eyebrow. Rather use thick formulas that are enriching and nourishing.

If you are in doubt about why you should use an eyebrow growth serum, always remember that trying is better than not trying.

Thanks for reading.

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