Do Neck Creams Work? What Neck Creams Does for You

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As far as skincare products go, neck creams aren’t the most popular in use. You are likely to not find neck creams on the dressers of seven out of ten households you visit. So you wonder why there are still neck creams. Do neck creams work?

Actually, using neck creams for your neck does help the skin to look good. Read on, to know more about the effectiveness of neck creams.

Do Neck Creams Work?

Using neck creams may seem unnecessary, but the benefits it gives your skin are non-compared. Yes, neck creams are beneficial to your skin, because they help to hold your neck skin together, preventing it from sagging and wrinkling.

Neck creams are just as important as your body and face creams. As your body and face creams help to moisturize your skin to give it a great look, the same neck creams do for your neck.

They work to create a protective layer on the skin of your neck, protecting the skin on your neck from losing its elastin fiber. Elastin fiber helps your skin to stay firm and, stretch without folding or wrinkling.

Neck creams are usually formulated with more anti-aging ingredients than your face and body creams because your neck skin tends to show fine lines earlier than any other part of your body.

These anti-aging ingredients include; hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, ceramides, retinol, and other healthy compounds. They help to slow down the appearance of fine lines on your neck and, give your skin an even-toned, smooth, and soft neck skin.

How Do Neck Creams Work?

Basically, neck creams are anti-aging creams that help to prevent an uneven skin tone and the formation of fine lines on your neck. Neck creams do this by, plumping your neck skin with more collagen, which helps to make your neck skin firm and smooth.

Apart from improving collagen production, neck creams give your skin an even skin tone, preventing it from discoloration caused by sunburns.

Neck creams achieve this by forming a protective layer on the neck skin, which blocks the ultraviolet light of the sun from penetrating the skin, resulting in sunburn.

Neck creams work to prevent your neck skin from sagging. As the neck skin is thinner, more sensitive, and has fewer sebaceous glands, they aid the sebaceous glands around your neck in secreting oil to keep the skin from drying and losing its firm form.

Do Neck Creams Tighten Loose Skin?

One of the main use of neck creams is to prevent and tighten loose skin on your neck. Frequent use of neck cream help to tighten your skin’s connective tissues, making the outer layer (epidermis) of your skin firm.

However, using neck firming creams on already loose skin cannot totally tighten your skin, nor can any other skin tightening cream. This is because creams only penetrate the top layer of your skin. The inner layers can only be reached with surgical and filler methods.

Those methods still cannot stop your skin from aging and losing its firmness as you grow older.

Whichever way, trying to tighten loose skin without having fillers or going under the knife isn’t a lost course.

Using neck firming creams provide your neck skin with more collagen and nutrients which helps to heal torn apart skin tissues. This gives your skin a tighter feel, giving your loose skin a more firm appearance.

Do Neck Creams Treat Acne on the Neck?

Acne breakout is one of the most common skin irritation. It appears anywhere on your skin, especially around the face region including your neck.

Constant use of neck creams can help treat acne on your neck. Neck creams aren’t just formulated with skin tightening and anti-aging agents, they are also formulated with skin-enriching vitamins. These vitamins are antioxidants that combat acne and other skin irritations.

Thereby, keeping your neck skin safe from the damage of acne and other skin breakouts.

Do Neck Cream Work for Wrinkles?

Even though neck creams prevent your skin from aging and wrinkling quickly, they cannot reverse wrinkles on your neck nor stop it from showing signs of aging.

Regardless, using neck creams can help fade out the appearance of wrinkles on your neck. Neck creams are a good source of skin-firming compounds, that help to smoothen out your skin’s fine lines.

These compounds help to moisturize your neck skin, preventing it from drying, losing its elastin fiber, and eventually wrinkling. Neck creams feed your skin with essential vitamins

How to Use Neck Creams in Your Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine is very important to the health of your skin. Yes, adding neck creams to your skincare routine may seem like a lot of hassle. I mean, there is already more than one skincare product to use on your face. So, why should use neck creams be added to the skincare crew?

Well, you need neck creams in your skincare routine because neck creams are more effective on your neck skin than moisturizing it with products you use on your face and body.

Actually, using neck creams in your daily skincare routine is easy.

  • Wash your neck skin with soap and water
  • Cleanse thoroughly with a cleanser
  • Apply a face toner and allow it to dry
  • Moisturize with serum or any other moisturizer
  • Apply your neck cream and massage thoroughly into your skin pores.

You can apply your neck creams both in the morning and at night. Nonetheless, it is ideal to apply neck creams at night.

This will help to give enough time for the neck cream to work its magic on your skin before sweating and, eventually reducing the amount applied. You can consider neck creams as night creams.


Can neck creams work for your face?

No, they do not. Neck creams are formulated with properties that specifically help the skin cells around your neck, it does not include your face.

Using neck creams for your face is likely to be useless for your face because the ingredients in neck creams are made to suit the sensitive skin area of your neck.

Unlike your neck skin which is thin, your face skin is thick and has more sebaceous glands which allow it to have more natural oil. Due to this, the face tends to be more protected, thicker, and less sensitive than the neck. So, neck creams cannot work for your face.

Are neck creams moisturizers?

No, they are not. Although neck creams moisturize your neck skin, they are not concentrated with many moisturizing properties. They do not contain water and oil-based essentials as much as serums and other skin moisturizers.

It is beneficial to use serums and moisturizers on your neck, to give the skin cells moisture. This allows your neck skin to glow, just as your body and face.

Can you use face creams for your neck?

Yes, you can. Even though using face creams on your neck may not be effective as using neck creams, face creams still gives your neck moisture, protecting it from drying and looking uneven-toned.

However, it is best to stick to products made specifically for your neck. It is more effective than using a substandard skincare product.


The bottom line is, neck creams are your best choice for preventing your neck skin from showing signs of aging earlier than you would like.

Neck creams work better in tightening the skin tissues around your neck than any other skincare product. Whether serums, moisturizers, lotions, or face creams, neck creams work best for your neck than any other.

Thanks for reading.

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