Do You Wash Off Toner? See the Correct Way to Use Toner

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Do you wash off toner? What is the correct way to use face toner and hair toner?

Face toners are cleansing and refreshing skincare products that help to prepare your skin for an effective skincare routine. They are leave-on products that should be left to absorb into your skin on their own.

Another class of toners is hair toners. These hair care products help to revive colored hair and make your hair color last longer. When you apply hair toner, you should rinse the color out of your hair to see your desired results.

Read on to see answers to your questions about how to use toner correctly in your beauty routine.

Do You Wash Toner off Your Face Before Moisturizer?

You should not wash toner off your face before moisturizing. After cleansing your face, toner comes next, just before serum and moisturizer.

Leave toner to absorb into your skin for up to 60 seconds before you go on to apply serum or moisturize immediately.

Although the molecules in toner do not penetrate your skin, they are very beneficial to your routine and the absorption of products. Toner helps to balance your pH and prepare your skin to soak up the actives in serum.  

Do You Wash Glycolic Acid Toner off Your Face?

Glycolic acid toner should be left on the skin. It is an exfoliant toner that helps to increase cell turnover and reveal a better complexion. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid with small molecules that penetrate deep into your skin.

Although glycolic acid has humectant properties, it can be drying on the skin. For this reason, you should always follow up with a moisturizer to replenish moisture and prevent skin irritations.

The toner double cleanses your skin, unclogs your pores, revives your complexion, and helps to control acne breakouts.

Do You Wash Apple Cider Vinegar Toner off Your Face?

Unlike the sound of vinegar on your skin that makes you cringe; apple cider vinegar toner is safe to use on your face and you should not wash it off.

Allow apple cider vinegar toner to absorb into your skin and carry out its astringent functions. As a toner, it helps to balance your skin’s pH, and regulate oil production and acne breakouts.

You can use apple cider vinegar as a wiping toner during your morning and night routine or misted toner to refresh your skin in between your daily activities.

Do You Wash Witch Hazel Toner off Your Face?

No, you do not have to wash witch hazel toner off your face. Like your regular toner, witch hazel helps to deep cleanse your skin, relieve dryness and itching, soothe inflammation, and refine your pores.

Additionally, it can help regulate oil production and control acne breakouts. When witch hazel absorbs into your skin, it helps to unclog pores, dissolve oil clogs, and lift off the debris. It is also very moisturizing and gentle on the skin.

After applying this toner, apply moisturizer to seal in moisture and enhance your natural barrier.

Should You Spray or Wipe Toner on Your Face?

It is better to wipe toner across your face. This way, it is more effective in cleansing your face. Wiping better helps to remove stubborn residues of oil, dirt, and makeup.

Moreover, it better helps to refine your pores since you’ll be using a cotton ball to clean off debris and oil clogs.

Spray toner is rather used to refresh your look, set your makeup, and revive already oily makeup. Using it to cleanse your face after hours of exposure to and contact with dirt will be futile. It will rather dissolve the debris and retain them on your skin.

How Long Should You Leave Toner on Your Face?

Allow toner to absorb into your skin for up to 60 seconds before you apply serum or moisturizer. Do not rinse or wipe it off. For midday touch-ups, you can spritz toner over your face and get on with your day.

You do not have to wash toner off your face. You can sleep with toner on your face or use it with just moisturizer during the day.

How Long After Toner Should You Wait to Moisturize?

After applying toner to your face, hold on for a few seconds for the product to absorb into your skin before you apply moisturizer. Do not wash toner off your face. Additionally, do not wait for toner to dry up on your face before you moisturize.

Applying a suitable moisturizer afterward will help to seal in moisture and boost hydration levels. As occlusives, the moisturizer creates a protective seal over your skin to prevent moisture loss.

Is It Bad to Leave Toner on Your Face Overnight?

You should leave the toner on your face overnight. Facial toner is not a rinse-off product; therefore, you should allow it to absorb into your skin and do its bid.

A few seconds after applying toner, you can go ahead to apply serum and moisturize afterward.

Always follow up toner with moisturizer to seal in moisture and boost your skin hydration level.

Do You Wash Toner off Your Hair?

Yes, you should. Hair toners are not leave-in hair care products. Unlike serums and leave-in conditioners, the result of applying toner is only visible when you have rinsed out the color.

When the setting in time is up, rinse out the toner will clean, cool water to get most of the color out. Afterward, use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo, and conditioner to wash your hair.

But before you wash your whole hair, you may rinse a few strands of hair to see if you have achieved your desired result. If you like what you see, you can go ahead to rinse the whole of your hair.

How Long Should You Leave Toner in Your Hair?

How long you leave toner in your hair varies with the concentration of the color. Also, the intensity of the brassiness in your hair is an important factor to consider. Hair toners made for professional use will require a longer time to set in.

Toner made for at-home use, on the other hand, should be left in the hair for 20-25 minutes. If you leave toner in your hair for longer than required, you may have over toned hair instead.

If you are not so sure about the type of toner you’re using, see a professional colorist to help apply bleach to your hair and avoid having any slips.

Is It Bad to Leave Toner In Your Hair For Long?

Yes, it is. When you leave toner in your hair for longer than necessary before you wash it off, it shortens the lifespan of your hair color. The toner stains anything that your hair comes close to, and it fades quickly.

In some cases, you may have to bleach your hair to remove the color. The bleaching process can thin out your hair shaft if wrongly done.

Consequently, you’ll be correcting more wrongs than you already had. Also, there is a chance that the color penetrates your hair shaft and causes your hair to become frail.


Should you use toner without moisturizer?

No, you shouldn’t. You should not use toner without moisturizer. Toners do not seal in moisture as moisturizers do nor do they have the emollient properties of moisturizers.

You need to apply moisturizer after toner to boost hydration levels and improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

When is the best time to use toner on your face?

Use toner two times a day, in the morning and evening, after cleansing and before moisturizing your skin. It helps to balance your skin pH and create a better path for the absorption of other products down your routine.

Can toner damage your hair?

If correctly used, toner should not damage your hair. Hair toner helps to sustain and revive dye or bleach jobs. It can also help to balance hair porosity and add volume and shine to your hair.

However, if you apply it wrongly or overtone your hair, it may pose a risk of damage to your hair.

How long does it take for toner to wash off?

How long it takes for the toner to wash off your hair varies with the permanency of the toner you use, how frequently you wash your hair and the kind of shampoo you use.

Other lifestyle habits like frequent swimming and exposure to sunlight can make toner fade quickly.


If you’ll get your expected results, you should use your skin and hair products correctly. How you apply toner, and how long you leave it on your skin and hair matters a lot. Face toners are leave-on products, but hair toners are not.

While you should not rinse your face after applying toner, you should rinse toner off your hair to see results. Whether you use a wiping or mist toner on your face, you should allow it to absorb into your skin before you moisturize.

You get the best results when you apply and use your products correctly.

Thanks for reading.

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