Does Hair Growth Serum Work? Is This the Answer to Full, Long Mane?

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Hair serums are silicone-based products that deposit molecules on the surface of your hair to improve hair volume and shine. These products are formulated differently to cater to different hair needs. The work of a serum that contains growth factors is to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Hair loss is a predominant factor across all genders. It is taken with different levels of concern among different people. There are different hair growth products with common ingredients like biotin and other vitamins, that claim to help hair growth.

When you get a bottle of serum labeled hair growth serum, it could have your hopes high. After applying the serum and you see little results, you begin to wonder if the hair growth serum will work.

This article answers your questions about these hair care products that are supposed to make your hair game upbeat.

Does Hair Growth Serum Work?

Hair growth is a genetic process. Very few ingredients and products have been verified to enhance hair growth. Hair growth serums cannot make your hair grow. They rather use the nutrients they contain to boost scalp health and stimulate hair growth.

These nutrients encourage blood flow to the scalp. The blood delivers nutrients that stimulate hair follicles to produce healthy, thick hairs. Vitamins like biotin foster a healthy hair growth cycle by prolonging the growth phase.

Moreover, the hair growth serums work to prevent hair loss thereby preventing cases of scanty or thinning hair. During the period of using these serums, it sustains the health of the growing hair and gives you a fuller hairline that creates an illusion of more hair volume.

Does Hair Regrowth Serum Work?

Hair loss is more internal than what you see. For different reasons, hair falls off and reduces overall hair volume. Hair loss is a result of damaged hair follicles. This irreversible damage stops hair follicles from producing hair.

No hair growth product can restore the follicles to health. Therefore, hair regrowth serums cannot revive the follicles to reproduce hairs.

If there are follicles in that area of your scalp that can still produce hair, then the serum can stimulate them to enter the hair growth cycle.

How Does Hair Growth Serum Work?

Hair growth serums work by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, extending the growth phase, and creating a protective layer over your hair strands. Hair serums contain oils and botanical extracts that condition and revitalize your hair.

In addition, these serums contain nutrients that enhance the formation of keratin (the stuff hair is made of) from within the body. This keratin improves hair strength and makes the strands less susceptible to breakage and split ends.

All these put your scalp in a good condition to grow hair. It also makes your hair resilient against frizz and makes it more manageable. Hair growth serums can soften your hair, aid detangling, and reduce the risk of hair fall.

Does Hair Growth Serum Work on Eyebrows?

Brow hairs also go through thinning and sparse areas that you experience with the hair on your head. There are different serums out there that claim to restore sparse eyebrows into the graceful arch they used to be.

How these serums work is quite similar to how hair growth serum works. Naturally, the hair on your brows takes the longest time to grow. Therefore, seeing results from using growth serums may take much longer.

However, while the serum is at it, it uses peptides, biotin, and other nutrients to nourish the skin which brow hairs grow from.

This leaves the follicles with no choice but to enter the growth cycle and produce thick, full hair. Eyebrow growth serums deposit their molecules on the surface of the strands.

The individual strands appear thicker and stand independently from each other. This creates an impression of thicker brow hairs.

In addition, some of these serums contain color pigments that improve the appearance of sparse areas and thinning hair. These effects, however, are not long-term effects. Everything naturally reverses when you stop using the growth serum on your eyebrows.

Does Hair Growth Serum Work on Beards?

Facial hair is a genetically determined phenomenon. Therefore, the growth of beards is rather biological.

In essence, hair growth serum will most certainly not work or cause beards to grow on the face of a person who has no traits to grow facial hair.

The effects of using a hair growth serum are rather visible in people who already have beards but are looking to grow fuller beards. The serum activates active hair follicles to produce hairs.

After stimulating a lot of follicles, over time, you begin to notice a beard with more volume.

This growth serum also conditions the hairs and makes them softer. As a result, you have a beard with lush hair. Hair serums also make hair appears reflective with a glossy look.

Are Hair Growth Serums Safe?

Generally, they are. Hair growth serums are safe for your hair and scalp. However, excessive use can leave your hair drier and brittle. Unlike skin serums, hair serums are not an everyday necessity in your beauty routine.

If you do not have any hair struggles, you do not have to use hair growth serums. When choosing a hair serum, avoid products that contain ingredients like parabens and phthalates.

When these ingredients penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, they can alter the overall body chemistry.

Consequently, they put the body in harm’s way. Sometimes and with different people, hair serum could cause side effects like scalp inflammation, irritation, rash, and even hair loss.

Can You Apply Hair Growth Serum to Scalp?

The formula of your serum determines where you apply it. Some serums are made for the scalp while some are made for the strands of your hair. Using a hair serum for your scalp could be counterproductive.

Instead of hair growth, it leads to product build-up, scalp inflammation and irritation, and sometimes hair loss. If a serum is designed for your hair strands, then, you should stick with that. If you’ll like a scalp serum, you should get that and apply it to your scalp.

How to Use Hair Growth Serum

  • Hair growth serums work more effectively on damp hair. Start with washing your scalp and hair clean with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Afterward, use a clean towel to wring out most of the water in your hair. Leave your hair slightly damp to make the absorption of the serum easier
  • Take a few drops of hair growth serum in your palm
  • Apply the serum to the length of your hair avoiding the roots. But if it’s a scalp serum, you can apply it to your scalp
  • Gently massage the serum into your hair
  • Thereafter, use a detangling brush to detangle curls and style your hair as you desire afterward
  • This should be a part of your wash day routine. Do it consistently and you’ll have results within two months


Do hair growth products work?

Hair growth products cannot make your hair grow because hair growth is a biological process. However, they can improve the health of your scalp and stimulate follicles to produce healthy-looking hair.

Does serum stop hair from falling?

Yes, it can. Hair serums are concentrated with silicones, vitamins, and minerals that nourish your hair and keep it healthy. When your hair is nourished, it is stronger and less prone to being brittle and falling off.

Moreover, hair serum protects your hair from chemicals, UV rays, and heat from heat styling tools which can damage your hair strands and lead to hair fall.

When should you use hair growth serum?

Use hair serum after washing your hair. Apply serum to slightly damp hair and gently massage it into your hair. Afterward, you can style your hair as you wish.


Hair growth is a natural process. Many products out there claim to make your hair grow but they have little to no valid claims. Serums cannot make your hair grow. However, they can alter growth cycles and create an illusion of hair growth.

This however does not undermine their effectiveness in stimulating the growth of healthy, thicker hairs. Hair growth serums improve the condition of your scalp and hair to produce better-looking hair.

Most importantly, you should use these wonderful products with the utmost care and appropriately too if you will enjoy these benefits.

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