How Often Should You Use Vitamin C Serum to Get Results?

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How often you use vitamin C serum determines the results you get. It is more common to talk about brands and how the top-rated brands have the best reviews (which is great and necessary too). But, the frequency of use of serums is very important.

Vitamin C serums are touted to be the hero of brightening skin and fading away hyperpigmentation scars. If you have read the books well, you must have seen that it is the best daytime serum. This is because it offers optimum protection against ultraviolet radiation.

These benefits in one bottle of serum are accessible with the correct application and the right frequency. I believe you have a lot of questions about how to use vitamin C serums without being counterproductive. That is why I have put this guide together, it has all the answers you need.

How Many Times a Day Should You Use Vitamin C Serum?

The ideal recommendation says you should use vitamin C serums two times a day, during your morning and evening routine. Vitamin C can be quite harsh depending on your skin type and it could be drying.

If you experience any of these when using vitamin C serums, you should cut down the frequency of use to once a day or apply it every other day.

Spacing out vitamin C application helps your skin adjust better to the ingredient. Also, it reduces the risk of skin irritations.

Where Does Vitamin C Serum Come In Your Routine?

Following the order of application of skincare products, vitamin C serums come after cleansing, and just before moisturizer. Serums are lighter than moisturizers. A serum cannot penetrate a moisturizer.

Moisturizers contain occlusive and emollient ingredients that create an impenetrable film over your skin and lock in moisture. Moreover, this seal enhances the penetration and effectiveness of vitamin C by keeping its instability in check.

If you’re layering vitamin C serum with another serum like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C comes first. The latter is lighter, and hyaluronic acid helps to prevent your skin from drying out. It replenishes moisture and synergizes with vitamin C to improve the appearance of your skin.

Can You Overuse Vitamin C Serums?

Yes, there is a tendency for you to use more vitamin C serum than your skin needs. With serums, less is more. About 3-4 drops of serum are enough to cover your face and neck. When you apply more than this, vitamin C serums may turn against your skin.

Also, when you apply the serum more than twice a day, you could be building up an overuse of vitamin C serum.

Is Too Much Vitamin C Serum Bad for Your Skin?

Yes, applying too much vitamin C serums can be bad for the skin. It can render your efforts useless and leave you with more issues than you were treating.

When you apply too much oil-based vitamin C serum, it leads to product piling. Consequently, it leaves your skin greasy because the serum does not absorb well into your skin.

Another sign that you’re overusing vitamin C serums is skin redness and irritation. In some cases, your skin may break out with acne due to excess vitamin C.

Rather than improving the appearance of acne and its scars, your skin gets worse with recurring and new breakouts.

When Is the Best Time to Use Vitamin C Serums?

The best time to use vitamin C serums is in the morning. Vitamin C provides your skin with protection against ultraviolet radiation which your skin is exposed to during the day.

Although you can use vitamin C serums during your nighttime routine, their benefits are at their peak in the morning.

During the day, your skin is exposed to free radicals and environmental pollutants which can affect the health and texture of your skin. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that prevents this phenomenon and subsequent tissue damage that leads to premature aging.

Should You Use Moisturizer After Vitamin C Serum?

Yes, you should. You should use a moisturizer after applying any serum. The moisturizer helps to seal in moisture and enhance the effectiveness of vitamin C.

Moreover, most moisturizers contain vitamin E which can help stabilize vitamin C and also make it more effective.

Vitamin C serums can be too drying on the skin. Applying moisturizer after serum can help hydrate your skin and prevent redness, peeling, and further irritations.

How Long Should You Leave Vitamin C Serum on Your Skin?

Allow vitamin C serum to absorb into your skin for up to a minute before you apply moisturizer. You can leave the serum on your skin overnight and for as long as you’re out during the day.

Serums are not rinse-off products, so, you should leave them to absorb into your skin.

How Much Vitamin C Serum Should You Use?

Experts recommend a range of 10-20% concentration of vitamin C. And the frequency of use is put at once or twice a day, according to your skin’s tolerance.

This concentration may look quite small but it is enough to deliver the expected results. Going over this range doesn’t guarantee more effectiveness of vitamin C serums. On the contrary, it could aggravate your skin and cause blackheads to break out.


Can you use vitamin C serums every day on sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin has a compromised barrier and may experience irritations with vitamin C. Space out the application of vitamin C serums if you have sensitive skin.

How long should you wait after applying vitamin C serum?

Allow vitamin C serum to absorb into your skin for up to a minute before you apply moisturizer and other products in your routine. This waiting time allows vitamin C to penetrate your skin, absorb properly and prevent product piling.

Can vitamin C serums have side effects on your skin?

Yes, it can. Sometimes, you may experience slight inconveniences like skin redness, a burning or tingling sensation, dryness, and peeling when you use vitamin C serum. These effects are seen with first-time use or when you overuse vitamin C.

However, they are not a cause for alarm; they naturally go away after a few weeks. Also, it could be a sign of skin purge because vitamin C triggers cell turnover.


The good thing about vitamin C serums is that up until three days after using the serum, your skin still retains some percentage of vitamin C. This is why you should carefully and correctly use vitamin C serum. With this fact, you may likely be overusing the serum.

The best way and frequency to use the serum are to start with low concentrations and build up gradually. Apply the serum one to two times a day as your skin can tolerate it. However, while you’re regulating how much vitamin C serums you use, you need to be consistent to see results.

No rule forbids using vitamin C at night but your skin gets more benefits from this serum when you use it during the day when ultraviolet radiation is at its peak.

Thanks for reading.

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