Is Hair Serum Good for Hair? Here’s Why You Need One

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A serum is one of the products you should have in your hair care routine if you care about the health of your strands. No haircare routine is complete without a hair serum. That answers the question of if the serum is good for your strands. 

Using hair serum is a good way to care for your hair, as it helps to repair damaged hair. Even if your hair is healthy, you still need to use the product in your hair care routine to keep your hair healthy and shiny. 

The liquid formula has other benefits for the hair; it also works as a styling ingredient to soften and straighten hair strands. Since hair serums are created differently according to hair needs, find one that suits your hair type and need. 

Read ahead to find out other benefits of hair serum, and which hair serum is good for your hair. 

What does hair serum do for hair? 

The liquid formula helps to treat damaged hair and rejuvenate the strands. It does this by nourishing and keeping the hair from damage. So if you are looking to protect your hair from damage, be sure to incorporate the product into your hair care routine. 

Using a product that contains hydrating properties on your strands will help to reduce frizz and restore hydration to your hair. If your strands feel or look frizzy and dry, simply apply the product to nourish and replenish them.

Applying serum to your strands also helps to soften the hair so that you can easily comb through it. The product helps to smooth strands and give your hair a fine appearance. Grab your hair serum and apply it before styling to make the process easy. 

Is Serum Good for Curly Hair?

Hair Serums can reduce dryness and frizz on the strands. Using serum on your curls will give you the glossy strands you desire while protecting your curls from damage. 

Before using hot styling tools on the hair for straightening your curls, be sure to apply the serum first. This will help to protect your strands from damage caused by heat. 

Heat is one of the many factors that can damage and thin out hair strands. Using hot styling tools is almost unavoidable—which is why you should give your strands a layer of protection by applying the serum. 

Look for serums that contain hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid, jojoba, and Marula oil. This will help to hydrate, protect and make your curls glossy and bouncy. 

Is Serum Good for Dry Hair?

No matter how often you care for your hair, the hair can still become dry because of factors such as winter’s dry air. Dry air causes the strands to become frizzy and dry. 

Using a serum on dry hair can help to stop and control frizz. Using one that contains moisturizing properties can help to keep the hair hydrated. Hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid works as a humectant to draw moisture to the hair from different sources. 

You can also use a serum that contains rosewater, rosewood oil, and castor oil to control frizz. Therefore, the product is good to solve the hydration problem for dry hair. 

Is Serum Good for Thick Hair?

If you have thick strands, you already know how difficult it can be to style or comb through your hair. It is even more difficult if you don’t care for your thick hair. Using serum on thick hair is good because it helps to soften hair stress. 

Ingredients like Moroccan oil and argan oil can help to soften your hair—making it easier to style and comb. 

Should You Use Hair Serum for Thin Hair?

You should use a serum for thin hair, as the product works to treat thin and damaged strands. Using hair serum will help to repair your strands and make them soft, yet strong.

Hair damage happens due to exposure to environmental aggressors like heat, dust, and dirt. Bad hair care products can also cause the hair to thin out. Using one that contains ingredients like keratin can help to repair your strands if you are experiencing hair breakage.

Keratin is a form of protein that helps to nourish and prevent hair breakage. Other ingredients to look for in the serum are lavender and jojoba oil. 

Is Vitamin C Hair Serum Good for Your Hair?

Vitamin C is a popular ingredient that works actively to improve general health, including the skin and hair. Vitamin C serum contains antioxidant properties that help to fight against factors that can cause damage to the hair. 

Applying vitamin C serum to your strands will protect them from getting weak, thin, and dry. Additionally, it will help to prevent premature gray hair development. 

Most hair care products can’t be applied on the scalp but you can use a vitamin c serum for your scalp. It will help to treat dandruff and promote healthy hair growth. To do this, apply a few drops of vitamin C serum to your scalp and strand and allow it to work overnight. 

Is Vitamin E Serum Good for Strands?

Vitamin E serum is good for your strands as it helps to improve the hair’s health. Vitamin E helps to protect the hair, as it contains antioxidant properties. A small trial revealed that vitamin E is an ingredient that can help to stop hair loss. 

Vitamin E also helps to boost hair growth when you apply it to your hair. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E can help to stop toxins from damaging the hair and scalp.

Using the product on your hair will also help to promote blood circulation to the scalp. According to a study, an increase in blood flow to the scalp helps to stimulate hair growth. Using vitamin E on your hair and scalp will help to stimulate hair growth. 

Is Hyaluronic Acid Serum Good for Hair?

Using a liquid formula that contains hyaluronic acid works well for your hair if have dry or frizzy hair. It will help to revitalize and repair your hair.

Is Collagen Serum Good for Your Hair?

Collagen serum is another useful haircare product that is good for boosting hair growth and the appearance of your strands. It helps to control hair breakage so you to maintain healthy hair strands. 

Naturally, the body produces collagen in the hair follicles to ensure hair growth. However, research shows that aging causes a reduction in the level of collagen production in the body—thereby causing hair loss. 

Using a collagen serum will help prevent hair loss and provide nourishment to keep the hair soft and healthy. Additionally, the liquid formula contains proline—a form of amino acid that serves as a layer of protection against hair breakage and damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use serum on damaged strands?

Yes, you can. You can use hair serum in your hair care routine to treat damaged hair.  Doing so will help to repair your hair and boost hair growth.

However, it is important to get one that is formulated to repair damaged hair. Such products contain ingredients that can help to address hair breakage and damage.

Can you use hair serum daily?

Yes, you can. You can use hair serum in your hair care routine to solve your hair concerns, especially if your hair is seriously damaged.

However, you do not need to use concentrated fluid every day if your hair is good and without a problem. Just use the product right after washing your hair to restore your hair’s natural oil.

Does hair serum help with hair growth?

Yes, it does. Using hair serum in your hair care routine can help to promote hair growth. 

It does this by increasing blood circulation to the follicles. It also helps to prevent hair loss—thereby allowing your hair to grow speedily. 


Restoring strands from a damaged state is one of the things a hair serum is good for. The important thing is to look for one that works for your hair concern so that you can enjoy the utmost benefits of the product. No matter the texture of your hair, you can also benefit from using it.

If you have curly hair and you are not using the product yet, your curls are missing out. Using the right serum on your curls can help to give your curls a nice bounce. It will also help to protect your hair from damage.

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