Serum Capsules: Alternatives Changing the Skincare Trends

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You’ve probably seen them in the skincare aisles beside other serum types and probably walked past, doubting if they’re as good enough. Well, serum capsules are good and better than you expected. If you are interested in getting one, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

Yes, they are different, but this does not negate their potency and efficacy besides bottled or powder serums. You can get the best ones just as you would with your handy liquid serums.

To help you understand everything about serum capsules, I would be delving into what they are, their ingredients, why they are different, and the benefits of using serum capsules. So stick around if you want to try something new and different in your skincare.

What Is a Serum Capsule?

A serum capsule is a water- or oil-based serum encapsulated in materials easily disposed of. The capsule contains essential ingredients measured and dosed appropriately to provide the necessary treatment to your skin.

The serum provides the needed treatment in the right dose, which means you get your results in the time identified by the manufacturers, as long as you use it properly. The serum helps the skin treat the targeted conditions you need.

Furthermore, the compact serum is great if you travel a lot. The capsules are for one-time use. Moreover, the normal liquid serum is measured and encapsulated in biodegradable materials or ampules, which means the capsule is eco-friendly.

This trend of packaging serums has a benefit to your skincare if you decide to go with the compact shape of the packaging.

Serum Capsules vs Bottled Serums

Packaging. This is a major difference between a serum capsule and bottled serum. While bottled serums are in opaque bottles of varying sizes, serum capsules come encapsulated in biodegradable materials such as seaweed or plastics.

In addition, the capsules are small and measured for single use. On the other hand, liquid serum bottles have different sizes from 5ml to 100ml.

When it comes to application, capsules are simple; meanwhile, you need applicators to apply your serum. This means, without an applicator or other form application, you can’t apply your serum in a thrifty way.

Nonetheless, the content of serum capsules and serum bottles is usually the same. The serum’s potency depends on the ingredients and formula.

Whether an anti-aging formula, retinol, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, or vitamin C formula. The contents are just as effective. However, the packaging is different.

Benefits of Serum Capsules

1. Micro-dose

A serum capsule contains a micro-dose specifically measured to provide enough rejuvenation in a single use. This makes it easy for those who find it hard to follow the prescriptions of applicators. Moreover, overuse of serums could lead to reactions.

However, with a measured dose, you won’t waste the serum or overuse it. All you have to do is twist and apply it to your face. This makes them a valuable product in the market. After all, it is the perfectly measured dose.

2. It is more hygienic

With the capsules, you are likely to make less mess when applying the serum to your face. It is easy to break and apply on the face. Where an applicator can spill around your body or surfaces, a capsule is straightforward in application.

3. Preserves potency

Opening a serum bottle reduces the efficacy of the serum over time. This is one of the reasons capsules are a sought-after alternative. Capsules are for one-time use; as a result, they would protect their contents until use.

This means your serum is kept safely in its pod until it’s opened and used. Compared to bottles that air and light get to at every opened opportunity, capsules are more valuable.

For ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that lose efficacy when exposed to air and sunlight, this would protect them from losing their strength. 

4. The right travel partner

Serum capsules are compact, which makes them the perfect travel partner. You won’t have to worry about the bottle breaking or spilling if you switch to a capsule.

Furthermore, the measured doses and one-time use mean you don’t have to take the whole package with you, just what you need for a specified time.

5. Light but effective

Serum capsules are light; however, they are still just as effective. They provide targeted treatment to your skin. This is the primary function of any serum.

Nonetheless, the serum capsules are light and easy to carry around. Their portability makes them an effective serum form for people who want easy routines.

How to Use Serum Capsules

To use a serum capsule in your routine, you do not need much preparation asides from your normal routine practices. But you would need a serum capsule ready to use.

Follow the steps below to apply your serum capsule.

  • Cleanse your face with a cleanser. Your skin must be clean. This includes using a face cleanser and exfoliating your skin. Your choice of product is based on your skin characteristics.
  • Apply a toner to deep cleanse your pores and open your pores. Leave the toner to dry.
  • Take out a single-use capsule. The pod should be opaque and tightly sealed to prevent exposure.
  • Twist the tip of the capsule to create an opening.
  • Pour out the serum into your palms or directly on your face.
  • Massage the serum on your face until fully absorbed into your skin.
  • Throw the empty capsule in a recycle bin (they are usually biodegradable).

How to Pick a Serum Capsule Product

When it comes to picking your serum capsule, the same rules pass when picking a normal bottled serum. This includes paying attention to the skin type and the issue you want the serum to work on.

For instance, oily skin should pick serum capsules that help to control sebum. Also, serums rich in niacinamide help to control the oil on the skin. Meanwhile, dry skin should use hydrating serum capsules.

On the other hand, sensitive skin should seek antioxidant serum capsules for protection and soothing relief against environmental aggressors.

If you want to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and spots, pick an anti-aging serum capsule product. If you want glowing skin, you should pick a brightening serum capsule. The treatment and skin type matter when choosing a serum capsule product.

Likewise, you have to pick products that work to improve your skin with the best ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, retinol, ceramides, peptides, vitamin C, and niacinamide are major ingredients you would find in a serum.

Moreover, the serum should not contain harmful ingredients such as sulfates, artificial fragrances, or sulfates. They could harm the skin or dry the skin’s natural oil.

Pros of Using Serum Capsules

When using serum capsules, you would benefit front the following advantages:

  • Preserved potency due to the sealed in single-time use pods.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it the perfect travel partner.
  • Regulated or measured portions. The capsule contains the right portion to provide enough nutrients to your use with each use. As a result, your skin rejuvenates and changes on schedule.
  • This serum type is easy to use. All you have to do is twist and pour.
  • It is the perfect casing for delicate active ingredients like retinol and vitamin C.

Cons of Using Serum Capsules

  • Mostly suitable for oil-based serums. The capsule suits oil-based serums because they won’t seep into the capsule’s wall. Moreover, water-based serums need a form of preservative that might not work with the capsules.
  • The capsules are portion-controlled. However, they are less than a bottled serum. Being countable, you can’t reduce or increase your dose, especially if you are mismanaging your serum.

Serum Capsules for Hair

Serum capsules for hair work similarly to normal bottled hair serum. And just like the skincare capsules, the hair serum capsules are encapsulated in biodegradable materials or ampules.

In addition, the capsules are micro-dosed. That is, the portion in each capsule is measured to provide the necessary shine and nutrients with every single use. Moreover, it is easy to apply to your hair strands.

If you want to use a hair serum capsule, all you have to do is twist the tips or cap off, pour out the serum on your hands or directly on your hair, and dab gently until the serum gets to the necessary parts of your hair. Then with a wide-tooth comb, comb through your hair until shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are serum capsules prescribed?

No, they are not. Serum capsules are not prescribed, which means they are over-the-counter skincare products.

The serum is a cosmetic product, which contains safe ingredients that do not need to be prescribed.

Are serum capsules worth it in your skincare routine?

Yes, they are. Serums are essential products you should not skip in your skincare routine. This means it is necessary.

Serum capsules have the same potency and functions just like any other serums. Only their casing or packaging is different. The serum capsule trend is predicted to be a future for serums due to its preserving the potency of serums better than the regular opaque bottle.

How often should you use serum capsules?

Twice a day or as prescribed by the manufacturer. You should use your serum based on its functions too. However, if it has a time or period tag, use it as directed.

For instance, a morning serum should be used in the morning because its ingredients work best in the morning. The same goes for evening serums, which mostly contain retinol that works best away from sunlight.

Will the capsule affect the contents of the serum?

No, it won’t. The capsules used to encapsulate the serums are made from safe materials that would not change the formula of your serum.

Furthermore, the materials are made from biodegradable materials, which also makes them safe for the environment. As a result, you shouldn’t be worried about the effect on the environment while disposing of the capsules after use. 


If you are looking for an alternative to bottle serums, a serum capsule is your next choice. It’s compact, easy to apply, and the right travel partner. Furthermore, the serums are applied in measured quantity.

Serum capsules are becoming a worthy trend that may, in time, become the standard when it comes to serum packaging. This is due to their micro-dose use; they provide your skin with enough- not more, not less.

Consequently, if you want to use a product that wouldn’t stress your routine, look to a serum capsule.

Thanks for reading.

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