Serum With Moisturizer: The Right Way to Use Them

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To maintain a proper skincare routine that will result in glowing skin, you need to learn to use a face serum with a moisturizer. These two are necessary to protect your face from rapid aging, wrinkles, and acne and to keep it hydrated irrespective of your skin type.

Of course, face serums and moisturizers are not the only skincare products you will encounter in your skincare journey. When you talk to an expert in the field, you will find out that there exist many other products, all of which serve various purposes.

The application of face serums and moisturizers is considered two of the four most important steps in skincare product application. They are steps that should not be missed and be given great importance.

This is because serum application helps the skin get all the necessary vitamins it needs to flourish and glow, while moisturizer helps the skin avoid dryness.

Here are the right steps to ensure you are using your face serums with moisturizer correctly

How to Use Serum With Moisturizer

First is the cleanser, which helps you remove dirt and oils that may have clogged your pores. Next is the toner, which serves as the first layer to prepare your skin adequately for other products that you will apply subsequently.

After the toner comes to the face serum and other treatments are used to correct spots, remove scars and treat acne. Then the moisturizer is applied right before the sunscreen to keep the skin hydrated while the sunscreen protects the face from sunburn.

Here is the step-by-step guide in using serum and moisturizer.

Step 1: Selecting face serums and moisturizers  

Before using face serums with moisturizers, the first step is to select both products. Note that you will select and use the face serums and moisturizers independently. One cannot replace the other; therefore, you should get both of them. 

Before picking a serum or a moisturizer, you should first talk to a skincare specialist. Based on your skin type, your skin condition, and tone, they will be able to prescribe the best kinds for you. Otherwise, ask your friends for recommendations and do your research.

You can decide to opt for a brand that sells both products. This way, you do not have to go far or do too much research before picking. 

If your skin is dry type, pick serums and moisturizers with more hyaluronic acid. This will help your skin retain its moisture more. Your skin needs it. With oily skin, a serum with salicylic acid is excellent. It gives just the right balance that you need.

Additionally, you need to consider the various vitamins and other necessary constituents in the products that will help your skin. 

When you are not sure of the type of serum and moisturizer you should use, speak to a specialist or an expert to guide you on the best ones for your skin type.

Step 2: Application and layering of face serums with moisturizers

As earlier mentioned, there are several skincare products past serums and moisturizers. The application of face products starts with cleansing and then toning. After these two steps, you can go ahead to apply the lighter product- face serum. 

Spread the serum to all sides of your face and even your neck. Use your fingertip to spread the serum and help your skin to absorb it. Stroke it lightly in a pattern so that it is entirely spread to the sides of your face. Ensure that it does not touch your eye area or any other sensitive surface.   

Massage it into your skin, but only as much as your skin can have. This way, the serum stays on and penetrates deep into your skin. Remember that the concentration of ingredients in serums is high, don’t use more than a few drops. 

After a minute (about 40-60 seconds), apply the moisturizer. By then, the serum would have settled into the skin. 

Moisturizers are applied to lock in the serum’s nutrients. Serums deep penetrate, while the moisturizer helps them stay on and penetrate more. As such, applying your moisturizer while it is cold can help the serum’s level of penetration even more.

Warm the moisturizer in your hands before applying it to your face. Spread it evenly across your cheek in strokes, just like the serum. Apply your moisturizer with a level of care and attention that helps it reach all of the necessary parts of your face.

Do not forget that order matters when applying skincare products. For your serum to do the work expected of it, you should apply it right after toning and before moisturizing. 

Step 3: Frequency of use

If you have serum and moisturizer, then you should apply both as frequently as possible. Your serum should be applied twice a day, preferably in the morning during your skincare routine and at night before bed.

However, there are specific serums that are best applied at night. This again brings in the importance of discussing with an expert your choice of serum. You can also ask questions at the store or from the manufacturers if you are not sure.

Additionally, apply moisturizers a minimum of two times daily. You really need it if you have dry skin. As much as possible, ensure that your face is not completely dry and lacking moisture.


Does serum go under the moisturizer?

Yes, it does. Serums are thinner than moisturizers, and the rule of thumb states that you start applying from the thinner one to the thicker one.

Due to the constituent of serums, they are not thick. Therefore, apply them first before the moisturizer goes in them.

What is the difference between face serum and moisturizer?

Serums are different from moisturizers in various ways, from the concentration to their ingredient, feel, and even thickness.

How long to wait between face serum and moisturizer?

A minute is enough to allow the serum to sink in before you go ahead to apply your moisturizer.

A serum is fast-absorbing and would seep deep into the skin’s pores to treat the specific skin issues you have.

When to apply face serum and moisturizer?

The perfect time to apply face serum and moisturizer are during your morning and evening skincare routine. In the morning, they go after the cleanser and the toner. In the evening, they go before the sleep mask or night cream.

How do you layer serums and moisturizers?

Layering serums and moisturizers is no different from applying them. Simply ensure that they reach the necessary surfaces in the right order.


If you want to have great skin with good texture, then you should be using your serum with your moisturizers in the right way.

Select the perfect ones for your skin, apply them when due, use them in the right amount, and stroke them correctly. If you have dry skin, ensure that you pick one that matches your skin.

The skin is quite sensitive, so do not apply products that you do not know their origin or constituent. Do not pick skincare off racks without proper inspection or guidance. Talk to people who have experience using it so that they can guide you.

Research the products and how to use them for maximum effect. After you have gotten good products for your skin, ensure that you apply them the right way.

Thanks for reading.

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